Виниловая пластинка SPARKS - THE ISLAND YEARS (5 LP BOX) Аудиомания
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Виниловая пластинка SPARKS - THE ISLAND YEARS (5 LP BOX)

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Список композиций: ДИСК 1: Kimono My House This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us Amateur Hour Falling In Love With Myself Again Here In Heaven Thank God It’s Not Christmas Hasta Manana, Monsieur Talent Is An Asset Complaints In My Family Equator ДИСК 2: Propaganda Propaganda At Home At Work At Play Reinforcements B.C Thanks But No Thanks Don't Leave Me Alone With Her Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth Something For The Girl With Everything Achoo Who Don't Like Kids Bon Voyage ДИСК 3: Indiscreet Hospitality On Parade Happy Hunting Ground Without Using Hands Get In The Swing Under The Table With Her How You Getting Home? Pineapple T*ts It Ain't 1918 The Lady Is Lingering In The Future Looks, Looks, Looks Miss The Start, Miss The End ДИСК 4: Big Beat Big Beat I Want To Be Like Everybody Else Nothing To Do I Bought The Mississippi River Fill-er-Up Everybody's Stupid Throw Her Away (And Get A New One) Confusion Screwed Up White Women I Like Girls ДИСК 5: The Rest Of Sparks Lost And Found Barbecutie Alambamy Right Marry Me Profile The Wedding of Jacqueline Kennedy to Russell Mael I Want To Hold Your Hand England Gone With The Wind Intrusion/Confusion Looks Aren't Everything Tearing The Place Apart
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Вы можете купить виниловая пластинка sparks - the island years (5 lp box) в магазине аудиомания по доступной цене. виниловая пластинка sparks - the island years (5 lp box) описание товара, фото, характеристики, отзывы, инструкция и сопутствующие товары.


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