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Minions: Draculas Last Birthday (6667766)

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First of all the product blurb, is for the movie Minions not this book, there is no Scarlett or most of the other stuff listed as what this book is about. This picture book is simply about the time the minions stumbled across a castle and met their new master Dracula. There is a page showing how they stuffed up and brought the demise of their previous Egyptian and bad dinosaur masters. This is the story of how they brought about the demise of Dracula. I haven`t seen the Minions movie but from the previews I have seen how they killed Dracula and this book follows that scene. There isn`t much substance to the story or the illustrations. For example the minions outside the castle are pretty much just yellow half rectangles curved at the top with a thin blue rectangle on top of a white rectangle representing their Egyptian clothes (which they`ve been wearing for thousands of years?). Then as soon as they`ve met Dracula they have fangs and a Dracula like outfit. So did they get bitten and transformed into vampires? Who knows, there`s no sentences telling us any of this story, we just go to two minions Carl and Mike fighting over whose turn it is to sweep cobwebs then pretty much the cake and gift making and we know how that turned out. These minions also speak (granted like someone who can only speak a word of two of English), yet in the Despicable Me movies they could only make noises. It really isn`t a well written story and is relying on being bought as the recipient is obsessed with these cool little yellow creatures. Unfortunately you`re probably better off buying them a minion figure and having them recreate the Dracula and other scenes from the movies with their own imaginations. The illustrations are a long way of the quality of the ones used in the movies, the cover image you can see on the product page is as good as they get in this book and most of the pages don`t reach that standard.
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