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Tverskaya Oblast is a heart of Russia. The Upper Volga region, which is a huge area, equal to Belgium and Switzerland together, is advantageously located between two Russian capitals -Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is a land of endless forests and deep lakes, of which Lake Seliguer - a pearl of Central Russia - is best known. Imperceptible streamlets in Tverskaya Oblast give rise to great Russian rivers - Volga and Zapadnaya Dvina (Daugava).

Curative and saint springs, unique monuments of Russian architecture, old noble centres related to great persons of Russia, Pushkin's places - Bernovo, Staritsa, Torzhok... Many cities of the Tver region is a real monuments of the Russian history and culture; some of them are older than Moscow.
Many worthy epithets and fine metaphors are related to our Russian remote places, the Tver region. But better to see it once by own eyes to fall in love with it forever.

The recreational potential of Tverskaya Oblast is inexhaustible. In spring or autumn, winter or simmer, everyone will give holiday to himself/herself if desire. Clean fresh air, fascinating fishing and hunting, inmost berry and mushroom fields, modem comfortable rest, resorts and health centres, mineral waters and enchanting excursions - all these and many other things are always at your service.

We are sincerely glad to any guests - both our citizens and foreigners. Come here with your families and friends - you always receive a kindly welcome and unforgettable rest. Look at Russia in a new way - discover the Upper Volga region for yourself!

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