tapki.com is a service that allows you to quickly search for the data you need among a huge number of sites on the Internet. Our task is to make a convenient mechanism for finding customers for your business all over the world. We don't hack sites, we don't pick passwords, we don't search for vulnerabilities. All we do is to structure publicly available information with the ability to upload it in Microsoft Excel format for the convenience of managers.

Details of the legal entity

REFORMA LLC, INN 7813229833, KPP 781001001, PSRN 1157847301853, +7 (812) 748-20-96. Legal address: Russia 196084, St. Petersburg, Zaozernaya street, 8, building 2, liter A, premise 1H, room 227.

R/C 40702810770010317171 In Moscow branch of JSC CB "MODULBANK" K/acc. 30101810645250000092, BIС 044525092.

Postal address: Russia 196084, St. Petersburg, Zaozernaia St., Building 2, Building 8, Liter A, BC "ZAOZERNY", office 227.

General Director Kulgin M.V.