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Found personal data?

Please note that an e-mail address and telephone number are not in themselves personal data of an individual. This is the conclusion reached by the judges of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation in their ruling of 21.07.2023 No. 305-ЭС23-12160.

As with the telephone number, it is impossible to determine the owner of an e-mail address without additional identifiers. In addition, an e-mail address can be deleted by its owner, after which another person can register the same address.

The information we collect from open sources does not contain data that would allow us to identify a specific individual, namely, full name, identity document numbers, TIN, SNILS, date and place of birth.

Found a personal phone number?

If you have found your personal cell phone number (or mail), you should first seek correction from the owners of the respective sites where the number is posted. We help you find sources of untargeted calls to your personal number, as our search engine constantly scans publicly available information on all sites on the Internet and searches for published numbers on third-party sites.

Please note that in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the phone number is not personal information without indication of other identification data of its owner. Our service collects contact information only of legal entities (organizations or sole proprietorships), placed in free access to everyone on the Internet for commercial gain.

E-mail is also an object of personal data only in conjunction with other personal data that allows us to identify the person to whom the e-mail belongs. We search for e-mail only in the contact sections of websites (placed for commercial activities), therefore e-mail is not an object of personal data.

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